Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift Machine

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The versatility and rigidity of the unilateral trap shrug/lunge/deadlift allows you to perform squats, deadlifts, lunges, push press, and the ankle pads allow for split lunges and split squats with minimal setup time.

The multi-adjustable handles allow for a comfortable and ergonomic grip throughout all exercises and the densely padded ankle rollers provide support throughout split leg movements.

This piece of equipment can be used as a regression tool due to the fixed path of the arms whilst still allowing natural movement of the body.

Available in a variety of colours.


  • Length 1,988 mm
  • Width 1,702 mm
  • Height 813 mm
  • Peg width 375 mm
  • Arm weight 14 kg
  • Storage Weight Horns 4