Unilateral Leg press

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The dual unilateral and bilateral capabilities of the leg press is great for targeting leg imbalances or in a rehabilitation process.

The closed linear bearings on 1 ¼” steel rods provide smooth motion with reduced maintenance needs and each weight peg can hold up to 10 plates with an angled peg for easier loading.

The added resistance band hooks can be utilized for accommodating resistance training adding increased training variability.

The seat pad is narrow to make it easier to step in and out of the machine and the safety stop is adjustable to 6 different 2” increments.

Available in a variety of frame and upholstery colours


  • Length 2,578 mm
  • Width 1,219 mm
  • Height 1,753 mm
  • Footplate Height 521 mm
  • Footplate Width 762 mm
  • Pad Length 902 mm
  • Pad Width 470 mm
  • Footplate (each) 32 kg