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Made to order in Tennessee USA the Legend Fitness GHD allows for maximum adjustability to accommodate any size athlete. The ultra-wide base plate allows for wider foot stances to allow full glute and hamstring activation that's often seen at wider stances.

Adjustable, Versatility

The GHD can adapt to any sized athlete with its fully adjustable footplate. It also comes equipped with built-in resistance band pegs for added variability.


There are 30 different powder coat options and over 85 upholstery options available which means there are thousands of ways to make your equipment personal to you.


  • Length 1,791 mm
  • Width 832 mm
  • Height 1,372 mm
  • Pad Width 762 mm
  • Pad Height (from floor) 1,219 mm
  • Footplate Width 768 mm
  • Footplate Height 635 mm