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Made to order in Tennessee USA the Legend Fitness Adjustable Bench allows 7 seat angles between 0° and 85° and a bottom seat angle of 0°-30°.

The rubber grip handle and wheels allow for easy maneuverability and the wide back pad allows for maximal support without interference with shoulder blades during pressing and fly work.

Built in true American style

The Legend Fitness adjustable bench and its welded design, a densely padded 3-inch thick pad and a 15-year structural warranty results in an extremely tough piece.


There are 30 different powder coat options and over 85 upholstery options available which means there are thousands of ways to make your equipment personal to you.


  • Length 1,422 mm
  • Width 521 mm
  • Height 1,257 mm
  • Pad Length 902 mm
  • Pad Width 260 mm
  • Height from floor (horizontal) 445 mm
  • Bench foot width 521 mm
  • Max Back Angle 85 °
  • Max Seat Angle 30 °