Werksan Coloured Lionfit 185kg Set

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Made of Synthetic Rubber and Kevlar the Werksan Lion Fit Bumper plates are among some of the toughest plates on the market their superior construction means they can outperform for many years in any commercial or home environment.

The Werksan plates are an IWF spec, 405mm in diameter, including the durable tungsten steel centre hub that ensures the longevity for both your bars and plates.

Each plate is tested for quality assurance and finished in line with the IWF colour coding requirements.

Set consists of 2x.05kgx2x1kg,2x1.5kg,2x2kg,2x2.5kg,2x5kg,2x10kg, 2x15kg,2x20kg,2x25kg- 7ft Lionfit bar and snap lock collars

A sound addition to any training space

By choosing Werksan Lionfit plates, you are investing in 50 years of design, manufacture and experience.


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