Wooden Gymnastic Rings

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A highly versatile addition to any weight room, the Apex Wooden gymnastic rings can be incorporated into any training program and used for exercises such as ring dips, muscle-ups, and rows, they are fully portable and can be used outdoors by hanging off of a tree or used within the gym by hanging them from a rack or even the ceiling.

-Ring Straps can be extended up to 2.2m

-Rings are a CrossFit 32mm in diameter

A Rich History

Wooden Gym rings were popular in physical activity routines back in the 1940’s and 50’s and were all but forgotten until recent years where they have been a heavy feature in Cross fit and functional facilities across the world.

Mix it up

What makes Gym rings unique is their inherent instability, forcing you to incorporate muscle that may not have been activated by other movements forcing a spike in progression both physically and mentally.


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