Cable Attachment Bundle

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The Cable Attachment bundle is an ideal refresher for gyms wanting to allow members to do more with cable machines in the gym.

1 X 20" Cable Curl Bar is perfect for commercial and home cable weight machines, allowing users to work on their triceps and biceps with curls, push downs and over head extensions.

A solid bar with eyelet for easy connection any cable machine

2 X Single Grip Handle ready to use for in any commercial or home gym. The perfect accessory for any cable weight machine

1 X The Lat Pull Down Bar is an ideal addition to any cable weight machine, allowing you to work the shoulders, back and more with it's classic three grip positions.

Ideal for lat pull downs, rows, push downs and more

1 X The V-Handle cable attachment is an essential cable attachment for those looking to develop the central back, shoulders, forearm, and triceps. The premium rubber grip maximises control, comfort, and grip.

  • Hardened-Chrome
  • Double-Handle
  • Close-Grip Attachment