AP Heavyweight Tile PUR Colour Flooring

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The AP Heavyweight tile is a weights rooms best friend, it specifically designed to protect subfloors from damage caused by heavy falling objects, e.g. in

Weightlifting areas of fitness centre’s or high performance training facilities. Some

conventional floor surfaces transmit impact shock which often results in serious damage to the concrete subfloor. The Ap Heavyweight tile avoids

this deep-impact damage while providing outstanding sound deadening also.


Polyurethane-bonded recycling rubber granules with a surface layer made of AP Lightweight flooring


Lightweight color (with 15% EPDM)

AP Heavyweight purcolor

Lower side: dimpled base with a reinforcing mesh

colour of base adapted to colour of floor covering top

layer (black, grey or red)

Note: Standard colours for color 15: black (color 0), blue,

red, grey, blue-grey

other colours for color 15: green, bright yellow, bright

orange, purple, dark grey

low colour differences are conditional of material