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Mindset – Getting into the groove of training at home

27 Aug 2020 – written by Absolute Performance

Training at home can be easily put off, get into the right mindset to achieve the results you want

Our homes are the epicentre of our family life. Home's embody comfort, tasty food, relaxation and several distractions. For these reasons alone, the house may feel like the worst place in the world to get you into the groove to train.

But, with advice from this post, and a shift in your mindset, it could potentially be one of the best places to exercise.

What's Your Why?

Think about why you want to train in the first place, whether it's because you want to be healthy and active up into your old age. Or because it gives you an unrivalled boost of self-confidence.

Whatever your whys may be, they're your own, and they should be reaffirmed to yourself anytime you're feeling unmotivated to train at home.

To overcome days you're feeling sluggish, or burdened by self-doubt, think about your why's. They shall alter your mindset and help you get into the groove to train.


Some of us can't resist competition, and if this is the case for you, this is where you need to start to get your head prepared for training at home.

Whether betting your friend, you can lose x amount of pounds in the next month. Or that you can up your endurance levels, and extend your usual treadmill run from 5 miles to 15.

Where there's a workout, even if it is at home, there's a potential competition you can attach to it. Which, in turn, will give you a bit of a boost, to shift your mindset towards that 'winning mentality' and make you more active at home. After all, no one likes losing!

Be A Role Model

One motivating factor that could boost your workout performance at home is realising what a great role model you'll be to your kids.

It's easy telling children to eat their greens and exercise daily. But for them to see you do it, has an entirely different impact.

When you're working out, you'll most likely find they'll want to join in with you! Whether climbing on your back while you do pushups or copying your movements. Sure, it may be a bit more challenging to work out, to begin with, but it's an excellent way for you to bond to.

As Alison Mitzner, M.D, fitness guru and paediatrician highlights; "We are our children's greatest role models. If they see you exercising, eating healthy foods, working out and staying fit, they will join in on those good habits and take them into adulthood."

Set Goals

Most of us want to feel like we're working towards something. If you're one of those people, it's essential to set goals.

Your workout goals can be anything you like. However, try and not make too many that are long-term. Short term goals are just as essential and enable you to celebrate small victories and pat yourself on the back for the hard work you've put in at home so far.

And so, whether reducing the percentage of your body fat each week or merely recognising, you feel more energetic and happy than you did before working out. Look forward to achieving the small goals too, and you'll gain extra motivation to continue.

Getting in the mood to work out, as with most things, requires motivation, focus and perseverance. When you need to work out at home, the struggle can seem harder. To enhance your mindset, and get in the groove to train at home, try applying the above tips, and see what works for you.

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