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Legend Fitness, Strength equipment from the USA

2 Aug 2019 – written by Craig Goodwin

A southern sense of Value and Hard-work

As a gym design and strength equipment supplier, we feel a certain sense of responsibility in the part we play in an athlete’s development so we are extremely careful with our selection of products and solutions we provide to the industry.

The products we supply need to fit certain criteria:

  1. 1. Hold up against the toughest of training regimes

  2. 2. Be functional and adaptable to a multitude of training styles

  3. 3. Inspire the users to train harder and more effectively

Each product can achieve this in a certain way, whether it’s a barbell that will withstand multiple drops yet is knurled perfectly for its use or a simple kettlebell that looks and works the way it should.

Heavy duty strength equipment

Heavy-duty strength equipment is no exemption from the criteria and is arguably the most important part to a training facility, from squat racks to plate holders every piece is carefully considered for every client.

We have aligned ourselves with Legend Fitness and have fostered a great working relationship with them over the last 5 years, they are an international Fitness and strength equipment manufacturer based in Tennessee USA and we are proud to use their equipment for clients such as Team GB, Bryanston School, Martin Nugent and Munster Rugby.

Each Product is hand-made specifically to a customer’s specification and colour choices, so every product the customer receives is individual and purpose-built.

The folks here are more likely to speak of pickup trucks than private jets, and for decades we have brought the Southern sense of value and hard work to the fitness & strength equipment world.

Legend Fitness , USA

The specs

The structural integrity of strength equipment is extremely important and is why every Legend Fitness product is welded together as much as possible, which means ultimate in rigidity and longevity, which is why we can afford to put a 15-year structural warranty on every Legend Fitness product.


The best way to inject team spirit into a training facility is to opt for customized options for your equipment, a facility that is finished in a consistent team colour can unite teams during their training and remind them of their common goal.

There are hundreds of colour combinations available, whether its powder coating options or upholstery finishes you can be as creative with your choice as you want to be.

Our Say

We are extremely proud to align Absolute Performance with Legend Fitness which is why we are the exclusive UK distributors for their products and will continue to do so for years to come.

We are not looking to reinvent the wheel we just provide the right equipment at the right price for each client.

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