Accredited by the IWF, these prestigious bars and plates are crafted using innovative technology and superior materials. Providing optimum performance and ultimate durability, they are the choice of leading facilities all over the world.

15kg Competition Bar
15 - 20kg Training Bars
20kg Competition Bar

Werksan IWF Accredited Bars

  • All training and competition bars are IWF accredited
  • 15kg (womens) and 20kg (mens) sizes available in both training and competition
  • Made from specially formulated chrome plated tungsten steel manufactured in Sweden
  • Each bar is measured at a tensile strength of up to 50,0000lbs
  • Each individual bar is pressure tested before knurling and sleeves are applied
185kg Competition Set
Lionfit Plate
Micro Plates
Training Plates

Werksan Plates

  • IWF accredited training and competition plates available in 185/190kg sets (with bars & collars included) or individually
  • Micro-plates available in metal or rubber
  • Werksan Lionfit plates - a more affordable plate option, built to Werksan quality (not IWF accredited)
  • All plates (10kg and above) can be branded for a personal touch
Competition Collars
Training Lock

Werksan IWF Accredited Collars

  • Competition or training options available
  • Come as standard in the 185/190kg sets or available individually