MAG handles were created to help isolate the target muscles and limit the effect grip strength can have on performing back exercises.

In order to minimise grip failure, MAG handles keep the wrist in a partial state of flexion throughout the movement.

MAG is much more comfortable than a standard round handle as it disperses the force of the exercise throughout the entire hand, not just the fingers. This takes the focus off gripping the bar allowing the user to focus on the targeted muscle group without prematurely ending their set because of grip failure.

Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is often associated with excessive gripping with the wrist in a state of extension. This ailment is common with many trainees, as they have a tendency to over-grip or squeeze the handles too hard with the wrist in extension. Because MAG keeps the wrist in a partial state of flexion and the focus is off of the grip, it has been shown to help alleviate this condition when doing pulling movements. Also, MAG has shown to be indispensable in Physical Therapy Centers for the rehabilitation of certain injuries.

7 variations of MAG handle are available from close to wide grip, and in pronated, supinated and neutral hand positions.

• More comfortable than traditional round handles
• Keeps the focus on targeted muscle group, not your grip strength
• Reduces the need for straps or gloves
• Textured rubber coating won’t chip or scratch equipment

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