Absolute Performance has added the iso-pull rig to its extensive range of functional fitness equipment.
Popular with professional clubs and universities for testing their athletes, the iso-pull rig used with a force plate (sold separately) measures

Isometric mid thigh pull (IMTP) is rapidly becoming the foundation strength test for athlete assessment globally. The athlete stands on the force plate gripping the bar as they would to perform a deadlift with knees and hips flexed, back straight and head up. The height of the barbell is adjusted so that it crosses the thighs at the midpoint between the hip and knee joints. When instructed the athlete pulls upward on the bar rapidly with maximal effort maintaining the effort until the force output starts to decline.
The mid-thigh position can be marked on the athlete prior to commencing the testing by locating the centre of rotation of the knee and hip joints, measuring the distance between the two, dividing this distance in half and then marking this point on the front (anterior) of each thigh.
The athlete is instructed to assume their preferred deadlift position self selecting hip and knee angles but at a depth such that the barbell is in contact with the mid thigh location. The height of the bar is adjusted up or down so that it crosses the thighs in the correct position.

• Adjustable bar height
• Available in wide range of colours
• Standard dimensions: L: 750mm, W: 1000mm, H: 1500mm – can be built to order
• The standard unit that we manufacture has a base plate of 1000mm x 750mm and a height of 1500mm. However these can be tailor made to suit the clients individual requirements.

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