The Task

Transform the existing gym into a more functional space for team and individual strength and conditioning sessions.

With limited space, it was important to provide equipment and flooring that maximised space and make it more usable as a functional training area for the players and coaches.

The Solution

To make the space multipurpose and functional we installed 40mm heavyweight flooring throughout, providing a single level that could withstand the dropping of heavy weights. A turf track created a zone for sled work, testing and stretching. In addition to flooring, we supplied Werksan racks and wooden lifting platforms, branded with the club badge and integrated into the rubber flooring. Finally, we provided a range of bars, dumbbells and plates, highlighted by the branded Werksan IWF training plates that provide a unique, professional touch.

During the 2016 offseason, the club added a Mezzanine floor to accommodate bikes and treadmills. With additional space now available for functional work downstairs, we added more 40mm flooring. We also extended the turf track and relocated it to run through the middle of the room, allowing for training stations either side. Finally, we installed more weight plate storage in the form of the new Werksan upright plate rack.

The Result

Absolute performance offered us a very professional service based off our specific needs, and they worked with us to ensure that we maximised our floor space. Their help in the design of the room allows our S&C Coaches to create an effective working environment that helps to improve the physical performance of our players.

Paul White
Head of Academy Sports Science and Athletic Development
Stoke City FC

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