The Task:

Rejuvenate and rebrand a tired training facility and give it a new lease of ‘motivational life’.

Scarlets – like many sports teams – faced a common problem to make their tired, well-used gym, more motivational for their players and provide their first team and academy squad with a facility they could be proud of – but with a limited budget.

We utilised our years of experience working with top-level professional rugby clubs and sporting teams to refurbish the gym on budget and on time.

The Solution

An equipment makeover from Absolute Performance

Step 1 — renovating the existing equipment. Old equipment was taken away and given a full AP makeover, including powder coating with the distinctive Scarlets red and new seat pads with sweat wraps embroidered with the striking Scarlets logo.

Step 2 — introducing new AP Power series kit. A heavy-duty leg press and a hack squat machine, to allow the players to replicate game-related movements, and a bespoke platform for Wattbike testing and general cardio work.

Step 3 — the centrepiece of the facility. A customised 25m track with Scarlets logo inlay. Using specialist AP Evolution turf, the squad can now use conditioning sleds indoors and perform specialist sprints and drills all year and in any weather. With its multi-purpose surface, the training options are endless.

The Result:

Distinctive Scarlets branding is now a dominant and motivating feature

Ian Gibbons, head of strength and conditioning at Scarlets Rugby says:

The newly refurbished performance gym created by Absolute Performance is a first-class facility. With the Scarlets branding and colours across the gym, we have a truly motivational space in which to train.

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